Monday, September 1, 2008


So I returned yesterday from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.  Needless to say, it is a very, very different city than Vienna.

We (my three roommates and three other friends) took an airport shuttle to Bratislava, which took only 45 minutes.  It is incredible how different two cities that close together can be!  My German teacher says that legend has it that the only reason that Austria was west of the Iron Curtain was that the Austrian foreign minister could drink more vodka than the Russian foreign minister.  I guess the Slovaks can't hold their vodka.

We got off the bus at Novy Most, which is right by the center of Old Town, the only worthwhile part of Bratislava.  It is a truly beautiful area though!  It is full of historic buildings and cute little cafes.  We even got to look in on a traditional Slovak wedding!

After wandering around a bit, we decided to walk to our hostel, which was a university dorm that was converted to a hostel for the summer.  After walking FOREVER, we finally arrive to what can only be described as the place that "Hostel" was filmed.  For those of you who missed that piece of cinamanic art, this hostel was old, there were burn marks everywhere, communist symbols spray painted on walls, bugs, and nasty rooms and showers.  There were weird Slovak students lurking in the hallway.  Our room was literally in an area called "Blok J"!  It was a scary night.

The next day we went to the top of a huge hill to go to the Bratislava castle, which was neat.  We caught an early bus back, because there really wasn't a whole lot left to do.

All in all, a nice trip, but not a place I would like to return to!

I think that Stephen and I may be heading to Budapest this weekend, which should be pretty interesting.  And I think that during the week break I get in a couple weeks, I will be going to Bucharest, Romania.  Yay Eastern Europe!

Pictures from Bratislava:


Kate said...

hostel was so horrifying please be careful with yourself and in the future avoid all places that remind you of it.

i am jealous of your gallivanting around eastern europe, it sounds like you are having great fun! hurray!

Gary said...

Yes, please be careful.

I'm glad to see that the camera is still functioning - no wrist strap malfunctions, etc. :-) Great pictures, although I confess that I would like to see more of the "beautiful Old Town." That being said, Soviet-era architecture is a real hoot. The "architects" must have been the ones who lost the drinking games; the winners got to move to Vienna. :-)

Yay, Eastern Europe! Tschuess!

CCCP4eva aka justin said...

Hostel... great movie for the first half when there was just a lot of really not naked chicks... then people started getting there eyes blow toarched out....

shit happens