Monday, October 6, 2008

I want IHOP...

As I write this post, I am on my way back to Vienna from Klagenfurt. It was a good weekend, with the highlights being a pub crawl with all the international students, watching Edward Scissorhands, and an American breakfast. A couple of Stephen’s friends whipped up some eggs, bacon, and American style pancakes. All with syrup that an American brought from home last semester and left. Delicious.

So I had my first trampoline class on Wednesday. It was GREAT. Polly and I are taking it together. We’re in the beginner’s class, so we’re starting with the basics but with the proper technique. So far, I can jump really high, land on my butt, and tuck, pike, and puck. It’s great because it’s in German, and the instructor told me that, since I wanted to learn German he would speak no English the whole class. Which is amusing, because Polly doesn’t speak German, so I sit there and translate what I can while she’s jumping on a trampoline. It’s really quite entertaining. It’s also cool because the class is made up of all Austrian college students, so we’ve met some cool natives.

I also went on an outing with my Cultural Heritage of Austria class on Wednesday. We went and saw the Roman ruins of Vindabona, the Roman fort here before Vienna. I also saw the oldest church in Austria, the second oldest painting in Austria, and a lot of pretty buildings. I’m really excited to be going to see all of this stuff!

I’ve pretty much gotten my travel plans for the rest of the semester figured out. I will going to Munich (this weekend), Hamburg (to visit Janne and Barbara), Zurich (to visit Ben), Salzburg (yay Sound of Music tour!), and, god willing, Istanbul over Thanksgiving break. And Stephen and Em will both be visiting. And maybe Veronica. I’ve got a crazy schedule, but I love it!

Random thoughts for the week:

-Youth in Austria (and all of Europe for that matter) are for the most part obnoxious punks. It’s seriously a whole culture here that breeds little jerks. They start drinking at 14 or 15, yell cusswords and insults at strangers, spit on old and/or homeless people, and are all around irritating. I can’t stand them.

-My roommates and I have gone through 4 of the commercial size jugs of Nutella so far. I am such an addict.

-I am becoming slightly obsessed with Baroque architecture. It’s absolutely everywhere here in Vienna.

-Polly added it up, and she, Natalie, and I have spent about 17 hours in Viennese cafes thus far. Our goal is make it add up to a week. :)

-I really love reading other people’s travel blogs. I get to experience Nairobi, Cairo, Australia Paris, Klagenfurt, Copenhagen, etc. without having to leave my bedroom!

-When you take students from America (drinking age 21) and put them in Europe (drinking age 16), people turn into major alcoholics. And go clubbing and drinking like every night of the week. It’s really, really irritating. I feel so abnormal when I want to stay home or go somewhere non-alcohol related. Fortunately, I’ve found some people that will do that with me. But the whole culture of American students drinking all the time is really frustrating.

-Tina Fey is hot. Especially when she’s making fun of Palin.

That’s all for now! Sorry it’s so long!

To see pictures click here!


Justin said...


I love experiencing things with you, these travel blogs are keeping me sane.

Amanda said...

- i want ihop too-- even though I totally can go, i just dont have the time
- i still can't believe you are taking a trampoline class
- i am very jealous of all the art/architecture you get to see with your class, as well as all of those travel plans (especially Istanbul!)
-i totally approve of your Nutella addiction-- I basically ate all of Sammy's and now I need to buy her some more
-Tina Fey is definitely hot

Gary said...

I hereby approve your travel itinerary, and am looking forward to vicariously touring Istanbul. Do a good job of taking pictures - my sense of being entertained is at stake here!

Did you see any of the "Big 5" in the African Safari Club? :) [You will notice that, in keeping with an apparent trend, I have edited my smiley-face emoticon from ":-)" to ":)". It appears that nobody - but nobody - inserts the nose anymore. I'm a little saddened - has the nose somehow offended the "wrong people"? - but never let it be said that I stand in the way of progress.]

Tschuess, kleine Baer!

G and G O. said...

Right on, Bethany. Thank you again for good reporting and photos of your continuing travelogue. Also, a truthful view of the future hope? of any nation, it's youth. Our regards to Janne and Ben when you see them. By the way, on the subject of food, the good old american standby, the hot dog (foot long), is hard to beat. Ha! Cheers to all there. Love from G and G O.

Tiffany said...

I am still confused on y ur post was entitled Ihop....but U will be travelling like crazy!!! That is soo exciting:)

Kate said...

- our dining hall restricts our access to nutella to only saturdays. this is cruel treatment.
- i am totally with you on the behavior of americans who suddenly find themselves allowed to drink. you'd think they'd get over it after a like a week or two.
- trampoline class??? amazing.
- tina fey is hot.