Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vienna by the Numbers

Cities visited since July: 21

Countries visited since July: 10

Hours spent on trains (excluding backpacking trip): 119

Commercial-sized jars of Nutella consumed: 8

Hours spent in cafes with Polly and Natalie: 59

Times sick: 2

German spoken: Too much and not enough

English spoken: Too much and not enough

Textbooks bought: 0 (yay!)

Euros spent: About 4,000 (Ew.)

Euros I have for the next 2 weeks: 20 (Ew.)

Visits to the doctor: 2

Internships completed: 1

Trampoline classes: 10

Trips to the ballet: 2

Trips to Christkindlmarkts: 3

Packages of Rösti consumed: 5

Liters of Sturm consumed: About 3

Balls attended: 1

Weekends in Klagenfurt: 3

Amount I missed my people at home: 6.2 kg (that's a lot of missing:))

Heurigers visited: 2

Nights spent hiding from packs of dogs in Romania: 4

Seasons of "The Office" watched: 4.5

Seasons of "Sex and the City" watched: 5 (working on 6 right now)

Meals at McDonalds: about a zillion more than I ever had in the U.S.


Justin said...

The fact that you are watching Sex in the City makes you not my favorite twin.

Good luck with the 20 euros thing... Remeber, my gift doesn't have to be that expensive, but hell, thats what credit cards are for.

Gary said...

I am fairly unsettled at the thought that you and your sister could have been eaten by wild animals at various points during your journeys. Ugandan crocodiles, Romanian dogs. Heck, you might have been safer if you had just stayed on the plane to Mumbai. :-)

Emily McKnight said...

I really like this list : )

amanda said...

I get to see you in a week!

And I will be extremely impressed if you manage to make those 20 euros last til you leave.