Friday, August 15, 2008

The city of pot, prostitutes....and cats?

We were just in Amsterdam. We were there for 2 nights, which is honesty all you really need in that city. We went on a tour and learned some very interesting things. There is so much more to Amsterdam than what you normally hear about! It was quite odd that there were "coffee shops" and places selling other types of drugs everywhere. On our tour, we saw so many prostitutes! Our hostel was right on the edge of the red light district, which made for an interesting view of things at night. Overall, an interesting city. There were bicycles EVERYWHERE. And they run pedestrians over without a second thought. There are also cats EVERYWHERE, apparently because there are mice everywhere.

Anyway, I am now in Brussels. We decided that this would be a relaxing place to spend the last few days. Veronica, Stephen, and I are here, Erin and Andrew are in Frankfurt, Jan is on a military base with her cousin, Ally is in Cali, and Em is in England. Crazy!

In four days I go to Paris for a night to pick up my luggage. Then it's off to Vienna!

I hope everyone is having a good end to their summers!


Gary said...

Did you see any pot-smoking cats riding bicycles? Now THAT would be interesting.

Oh, just a heads up - Justin and I have arranged for NATO to nuke France, so don't linger in Paris too long, ja?

Have fun with your remaining travels and keep us posted!

Sammy said...

Oh Bethany..I hope you had some fun form me in Amsterdam. Let's just say I am very jealous cuz I just watched the second Harold and Kumar movie a few days ago. Even my mom said she wanted to to go Amsterdam after that. ;O)

castrov3 said...

Okay, so I promised I would comment, but you have to return the favor!

Just throwing it out there, Stephen can be kind of an idiot...nice, but a bit spacey.

Hmmm, what else? Cologne is awesome, I hope you have a great orientation trip to the Alps, and I am currently listening to a drunk Canadian musician try to pick up a German girl who barely speaks am I going to miss Europe!