Friday, August 8, 2008

I've got two tickets to Iron Maiden, baby....

So. Prague!

We arrived two days ago to our first and only Eastern European city. It's really an incredible, relatively cheap place. It's also been very interesting because it doesn't use a 'normal' alphabet, so communicating and reading stuff has been quite difficult. Yesterday, we had a traditional Czech meal (fried potato pockets filled with cheese and rice. Yum!) We also walked around old town Prague, which was beautiful. Today, we visited the Prague Palace, which had an incredible view of Prague. We also visited the Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock, and Wenceslas Square, location of the Velvet Revolution. Tonight we will be testing out the night life, which involves a techno club of sorts. Tomorrow, we'll be seeing the TV Tower, which is apparently a Communist relic that allows your to have a great view of the city. We will then be eating at the Subway we found in Old Town Prague. Yay American food!

In reference to the title of this post, I have seen 21 Iron Maiden T-shirts. In one day. It most be an Eastern European thing.

Tomorrow we take a 6 hour bus to Berlin, where we stay for 4 nights. Ich liebe Deutschland! It will be refreshing to be able to communicate with they locals in their native language.

Things I miss about America:

2) Air Conditioning
3) Driving
4) No service charges
5) TV
6) Cats
7) And of course the people

That is all for now. I'll try to update again in Berlin sometime!


The Holy One aka Justin said...

No one was raped or killed????

I have to say, I'm mildly disapointed.....

Well theres still tonight! don't let any one die or get raped tonight or I would feel really bad...

Have fun in the tird riech

Gary said...

Achtung, baby! Iron Maiden forever! Actually, Iron Maiden was a little before my time (hard to believe, that).

Will you be visiting the Reichstag in Berlin? Apparently, it has been partially renovated in a way parallel to that of the Louvre - lots o' glass and steel.

Your cats miss you, too.